General Surgery

General description of the work Consultant General Surgeons undertake

The Consultant General Surgeon is a surgeon who deals with a wide range of surgical conditions. He/She is likely to have an area of special interest such as abdominal surgery or colo–rectal surgery or hepato–biliary surgery, as well as operating on patients with general surgical problems.

Most common clinical areas / procedures leading to a claim of clinical negligence

This will depend on the type of patients that he/she operates on. If he/she has a special interest in abdominal surgery, for example, he/she will be exposed to the potential areas of negligence of a Consultant Abdominal Surgeon.

Sub–Specialities / Alternative and Additional job titles

The Consultant General Surgeon may be known as a General Surgeon with a special interest in a variety of sub–specialties such as Abdominal Surgery or Neck Surgery or Colo–Rectal Surgery. He/She may be known simply as a Consultant Surgeon.

Usual Qualifications

The Consultant General Surgeon will usually be known as Mr rather than Dr and will have FRCS (Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons) after his/her name.

Academic Appointments

The Consultant General Surgeon may be a Lecturer or Professor in Surgery at a Medical School. He/She may be an Examiner for one of the Royal College of Surgeons.