Terms of Agreement

A contract exists between Medical Case Notes Assessment Ltd. and the Instructing Solicitors, not their Client. Where a Report is requested, the Instructing Solicitors are responsible for payment thereof.


Where an Examination appointment is requested and arranged, the instructing solicitors are responsible for any cancellation charges raised by the Expert.


Medical Case Notes Assessment Ltd. will notify the Instructing Solicitors within a reasonable timeframe of any alterations to the cost of the Report or if the Expert Witness advises any further documentation is required.


Payment is to be made before the Report is released to the Instructing Solicitors and within 30 days of the invoice date unless otherwise agreed.


The Instructing Solicitors are to provide all necessary documentation and clear, specific instructions prior to a Report being commissioned. Any subsequent issues or documentation that require addressing may be dealt with by an Addendum to the Report, but further charges may be sought by the Expert Witness in relation to same.


Medical Case Notes Assessment Ltd. can neither predict nor guarantee the outcome of the Report and we accept no responsibility for the opinion of the Expert Witness.  Payment for a Report is in no way dependant on the outcome thereof.


Medical Case Notes Assessment Ltd. will always endeavour to have a Report prepared as quickly as possible. We would however advise that we cannot guarantee a Report will be provided within a specific timeframe or prior to a specific date.


In the event that Instructing Solicitors cancel a Report once it has been commissioned, a fee for work already undertaken may be charged at the discretion of Medical Case Notes Assessment Ltd. up to the value of the original estimate.


Arrangements after the release of a Report relating to attendances at Court should be agreed between the Instructing Solicitors and the Expert Witness directly.


Medical Case Notes Assessment Ltd.’s liability arising in connection with the performance of this contract shall be limited to the amount paid by the Instructing Solicitors under this contract.


Medical Case Notes Assessment Ltd shall destroy any relevant documentation involved in a case three months after the date of the letter enclosing the Report, unless specifically requested not to by the Solicitor.