Dental Surgery

General description of the work Dental Surgeons undertake

Dental Surgeons (Dentists) deal with tooth and gum disease and general problems relating to the teeth. They deal with fillings, tooth abscesses, bridges, tooth extraction and tooth decay. Some have a special interest in gum disease (periodontology). Others have an interest in tooth realignment (orthodontistry).

Most common clinical areas / procedures leading to a claim of clinical negligence

  • Problems relating to tooth extraction
  • Bridge problems
  • Dentures problems.
  • Gum problems
  • Tooth infection and abscesses and their management

Sub–Specialities / Alternative and Additional job titles

The Dental Surgeon may also be known as a Dentist or a General Dental Practitioner. If he/she has a particular interest in gum disease he/she may be known as a Periodontist. If he/she has a special interest in tooth realignment he/she may be known as an Orthodontist.

Usual Qualifications

The Dental Surgeon will normally have BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) after his/her name.
There is some overlap between the work done by Dental Surgeons and work done by Consultant Maxillo–Facial Surgeons. Consultant Maxillo–Facial Surgeons are qualified as Doctors as well as Dental Surgeons and tend to undertake more specialised surgery on the jaw and surrounding structures.

Academic Appointments

The Dental Surgeon may hold a Lecturership or Professorship in a branch of Dentistry at a University Dental School.