General description of the work Consultant Microbiologists undertake

Consultant Microbiologists are usually doctors (although there are some non–medically qualified Microbiologists). They deal with the management, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of infections and infections diseases. They deal with infections such as MRSA (Methycillin Resistant Staph Aurus), Salmonella, food safety and food poisoning, wound infection, Legionaire’s Disease and meningitis.
They advise on antibiotic resistance, on the prevention of the spread of infection and on the most effective antibiotic prescribing for treatment of infections.

Most common clinical areas / procedures leading to a claim of clinical negligence

  • MRSA infections
  • hospital acquired infections
  • wound infections
  • mismanagement of infection diagnosis and treatment
  • problems with antibiotic prescribing for infections

Sub–Specialities / Alternative and Additional job titles

The Consultant Microbiologist may also be known as a Consultant Clinical Microbiologist or a Consultant Medical Microbiologist.

Usual Qualifications

The medically qualified Consultant Microbiologists will have FRCPath (Fellowship of the Royal Colleges of Pathologists) after their names.

Academic Appointments

The Consultant Microbiologist may be a Lecturer or Professor in Microbiology at a Medical School. He/She may be an Examiner for the Royal College of Pathologists.