Our Experts

The experts who prepare reports on medical negligence cases on our behalf are all experienced NHS Consultants.  They are in active clinical practice and they are experienced at preparing medico–legal reports. They are willing to attend Court in the UK and Ireland provided that they are given enough notice and that their fees and expenses for attending are agreed in advance.

Each of the experts who prepare reports on our behalf has particular areas of clinical interest within his/her practice and we match each case with the most appropriate Consultant.

Our Experts:

  • Are GMC Registered
    We ensure that all Our Experts are registered with the General Medical Council.
  • Are NHS Consultants
    Our Experts have substantive Consultant NHS posts and many also have academic teaching appointments.
  • Are in active clinic practice
    Our Experts have a regular clinical commitment and workload in the speciality of the alleged medical negligence. They will also have knowledge and experience of the specific clinical area within that speciality that is in dispute in the negligence case.
  • Are experienced in dealing with alleged medical negligence cases
    Our Experts are prepared to deal with alleged medical negligence cases as well as other complex and contentious medical issues.
  • Are willing to travel to give evidence in Court
    Our Experts are prepared to attend Court in the UK and Ireland to give evidence and to be cross-examined on their report.

The Report

Experts prepare their Reports for the benefit of the Courts. In other words, they prepare unbiased Reports in order to help the Court to decide the case, rather than to help one side or the other.

Experts examine all the documentation and details of the case and look at the standard of care that the Client received. They then give their opinion on whether or not the standard of care that the Client received fell below the standard of care he/she should have received.

Where necessary they provide background documentation and information to back–up their opinion.

Queries on the Report / Addendums

The Reports from the experts are usually very clear and give a concise opinion on the standard of care the Client received.

If minor clarifications are needed then these are normally provided at no extra cost.  However, on some occasions the experts may charge an additional amount.

If, after the Report has been completed, additional documentation needs to be examined by the expert or if additional work needs to be done in order to provide an Addendum to the Report, then there may be an additional charge.